Noble Truth

by Eightfold Path

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released May 29, 2010

Aurélien "Anko" Gibert - everything



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Eightfold Path Cherbourg Octeville, France

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Track Name: Impermanence
We can't keep permanently what we're striving for and just as our happy days pass by, we'll all pass away one day too. Birth, aging, death ; in every moment of it, life means suffering, this is a common law. Everybody everywhere suffers. This suffering's a bond we have with each other, something we all understand. Because all that's subject to arising is subject to ceasing. Nothing last forever. This attachment we have for all things is like an open wound from which is escaping the blood of our peace of mind. Life in its totality is imperfect and incomplete because this world we're living in is nothing but impermanence. Now please stop to complain, you should deal with it. There's as much suffering in this world as there is air to breathe.
Track Name: Thirsty
We're all addicted. Because the objects of our attachment are transient, their loss is inevitable, thus suffering will necessarily follow. It's all about craving for sensual desires, craving for being, or even craving for not being. It's the very origin of our pain. We're trapped in a circle of unsatisfaction we can't even see, cause we're all addicted. Why are we guided by our senses and not by our mind? Why can't we stop this endless circle, this unquenchable thirst?
Track Name: Cease and Awake
There is a cure for our insatisfaction, just burn the roots of desire. Our suffering can be ended by attaining dispassion. Freedom from all worries, complexes, suffering and false ideals. There's always hope for those who're seeking for it. We're birds in a self-made cage which bars can't be seen cause we're fucking sleeping in a world of illusions, and it's not too late to awake. I know you're looking for an exit, just tell yourself that your eyes may see these bars everywhere. Take a look with your mind there's nothing but open skies. Have you ever heard of a man that freed his mind from these chains? I do, and this man told me "our jail is flesh and bones". Just burn the roots of desire, there's always hope.
Track Name: Middle Way
Follow the eightfold path. Understand the laws of suffering resist to the pull of desire, renunce to useless worldly things. This is true wisdom. Don't lie, loose lips might sink ships. Don't kill, don't steal, and don't even cheat. Get a job that don't harm anyone, so your heart is pure, free from taints and defilements. Purity of the heart is peace of the mind. It takes us back where we started. It's the middle way between the two extremes, hedonism and ascetism. Craving, ignorance, delusion and its effects will disappear day after day as progress is made on the path. It takes us back where we started. Middle way.