Desire Realm

by Eightfold Path

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released February 2, 2011

Aurélien "Anko" Gibert - everything
Camille Blanchemain - artwork
Benjamin Gosselin, Maxime Bonnet - add. backing



all rights reserved


Eightfold Path Cherbourg Octeville, France

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Track Name: Naraka
Hate no more. Eightfold path, 2010, true till death, living free. United we stand strong. Fight tonight but hate no more.
Track Name: Thin Throats
How much longer will we walk here under the sun with no water? How much longer can we just lie here when we're out of time, no longer aligned. Tell what's the point if this evening's dry. No comfort, and no content smiles, cause we can't see any difference between greed and need. We don't know how much longer will we breathe, trying to swim in a oily sea, our head being pushed down by the hand of our fucking greed. Tell me what's the point if we're lying deep, no comfort, and no content smiles. Oil mixed with innocents' blood flows like green paper cash but I don't wanna be part of this world matricide. No I will never feed this fire ; I'd rather die than go that far. I will never feed this fire growing on the greed of the liars. We all need now to rise. It's time for us to fight. We all need now to rise against overconsumption and we'll fight.
Track Name: The Shallow
No matter the race no matter the face, all living things fear being put to death. They may not read and talk like you but no less capable of feeling the same pain. If they've not been massively killed for you, please tell me now, then for who? No flesh must be eaten, no flesh for your fucking whim. May I be a voice for the voiceless, because we all deserve to live. We all deserve to live for we're all sentient being. If not you, who will be the first one to take the path? If not now, when will we start to break the fucking glass? If not now, then when? then when? No flesh must be eaten.
Track Name: Open Skies
We'll never stop to move free like birds in the sky, choosing our own way and chasing our dreams. We know our goals, we'll never stop to try to use our lifetime for a world without chains. Keep your head up and high, we're not alone, we are one family, alone in a crowd but together we'll rise. Because we'll never turn our fucking back. Straighten up for the fight to come, no more blood or broken thumbs. Yesterday's sometimes a bitter man but trust me, trust me, tomorrow is a better guy. We'll fight no fucking more without mind. Build a man a fire, and he’ll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he’ll be warm till the very end of times. Stop trying and start doing, do it. Eye for an eye leaves everyone blind, we need to change, now come and pledge. Straight edge.
Track Name: Like a Hawk
Like a hawk, flying high above, looking down with contempt on the wingless ones, outwardly displaying justice, worship, wisdom, and faith. Diving down on the ones who are born with a gift. Cut down your fucking wings of jealousy and stay down to earth. We think we're living gods but we're nothing more than dreaming ghosts. Rise with the morning sun and fall with the pouring rain, unstoppable, but we'll all die by tomorrow. Pride is the padlock that's keeping you locked within a cell. You're dreaming of flying, you're dreaming of flying but you're trapped inside that shell. Please tell me how you'll spread your wings with this golden rope tied around your feet. Wake up, now is the time for us to leave our selfishness behind.
Track Name: Too Bright to Shine
Take a look at the sky, did the sun ever say to the earth "You owe me"? This is what love should really be, do you hear me. The closer the candle, the bigger the shade. Never forget your goals, you know it's not a fucking game. The kings aim for the skies but how can a shepherd lead when each of his eyes are burned by the rising morning sun? "I did everything you asked me to do, why do my eyes burn? I'm far from everything I knew. What is this place called? why can't I feel my heart? Help me I need a guide, everything here shines too hard." Since now, you did everything right. You've almost reached your goal, keep your head high. Your eyes burn cause it's the first time you're using 'em. This place is where you're born, where you lived, and where you bled. You've almost reached your goal, don't drown in the quicksand of your pride.